Hydroponics is the cultivation method of the future. Hydroponics farming dispels the notion that plant growth is impossible without soil. In this method of cultivation all the nutrients required for the plants should be available. History of Hydroponics History has it that in ancient Babylon, plants grown using this technology. Hydroponics is of paramount importanceContinue reading “Hydroponics.”

Vertical Farming in INDIA

vertical farming in india Vertical Farming:- Climate change, the shortcoming to adapt to the pace of the new age, and scarcity of land are a number of the foremost challenges facing traditional farming methods. Innovative farming methods with the assistance of recent science and technology are needed to confirm that the survival process of agriculture. Vertical farming or vertical farming method. Vertical farmingContinue reading “Vertical Farming in INDIA”

Keep these tips in mind when filling GROW BAGS

Grow bags:- Many people now grow in grow bags. But many people say that the plants and vegetables planted in the grow bag wither or the yield is low. The main reason for this to happen is that there are some things that go unnoticed when filling the grow bag. Keep these tips in mindContinue reading “Keep these tips in mind when filling GROW BAGS”

How to make organic pesticides.

Organic pesticides:- Pest infestation is a problem faced by many vegetable growers. Organic pesticides are the best way to prevent this. Let’s look at the manufacture of different types of bio-pesticides. How to make organic pesticides. 1.Neem oil emulsion. In a liter of neem oil add 50 g of bar soap solution dissolved in halfContinue reading “How to make organic pesticides.”

Sleep Study Near Me, Do not study without sleeping; It’s not that good

Parents will come with swords when the exams are coming up if kids are not ready to study while sleeping – (Sleep Study). But it is true. Even though he has been sleeping for months and studying …. We see parents everywhere complaining like this when it comes to exam results. Yet no one isContinue reading “Sleep Study Near Me, Do not study without sleeping; It’s not that good”

Things to take care of when choosing a course for higher education

Choosing a subject of study for higher education is a very challenging task. The choice must be made with the utmost care and attention. Learners across the world experience a variety of peer pressures in this regard, including from parents and those around them. Learning at any time is common in the West and Europe.Continue reading “Things to take care of when choosing a course for higher education”

Pursuit of Passion – escape the prison !

“Follow your Dreams” or “Pursue your Passion” – these seem to be the most buzzing words around us. They echo on all graduation speeches to placement talks to job ads and motivational videos. In fact, our subconscious keeps pointing the same to us, every time we have a bad day at work. Pursuing our passion…Continue reading “Pursuit of Passion – escape the prison !”