Germany’s new Covid 19 measures will take effect on November 2

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Europe News , BERLIN: Germany’s new Covid 19 measures will take effect on November 2. Chancellor Angela Merkel decided in a virtual meeting with state chief ministers today on how to control the spread of the corona virus. The lockdown, which the government aims to save Christmas, will run for four weeks from Monday, November 2, until November 30. Accordingly, cafes, restaurants, bars, theaters and concert halls will be closed and cultural leisure facilities will be closed. But schools, kindergartens and shops will remain open.

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The maximum number of converges from two houses was limited to ten.

The government estimates that the number of patients per day will reach 28,000 in a week, unless there is a decrease in social interactions according to the population. This is double the current figure. Despite calls for strong action by virologist Christian Droston and Bayern chief minister Marcus Soder, Merkel agreed with a majority of 16 chief ministers. Merkel said Germany would provide 10 billion euros in aid to areas affected by the shutdown under the new regulations.

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Public Gathering

Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller and Marcus Soder attended. Groups of people celebrating in public places, apartments and private areas are also banned in view of the dire situation in the country. Cosmetic studios, massage therapists, tattoo studios, and similar businesses serving in the personal care sector will be closed.
However, physiotherapy and occupational therapy will be allowed for medically necessary treatments. Hairdressing salons will remain open under existing hygiene policies. Permission is granted to deliver and store food for home consumption. Canteens are also allowed to open.

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At the meeting, Merkel faced differing views from state leaders. Some states, such as the Eastern States, have not experienced high coronavirus rates and are therefore not in favor of lockdown measures nationwide. The country is committed to providing emergency medical care.

Social Life

However, the meeting considered the serious side effects on children and youth due to social deprivation, breaks in education and vocational training courses, the collapse of the entire economic sector and many cultural institutions, and social imbalances as the remnants of this corona era, while adopting a ‘pandemic’ approach that effectively eliminates serious incidents without causing new damage. .

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The closure of hotels, restaurants and theaters in Germany is a tough decision, the health minister said. However, he responded that the lockdown would be further delayed as there was no other option.

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