High Alert ! New type Of Scammers are in town

Scammers are in town

*Please save your Hard-Earned Money*

We know scammers are out there, impersonating authorities and befooling people to extract money. They might even say they’re calling from the Bank, Telephone operator, your friend or in fact from authorities that help you recover money lost to a scam. 

But now we’re hearing about a new ploy: scammers are impersonating the police ! Huh ? 

Here’s how it works.

Message from Scammer

Latest conversation with Scammer

Scammer: Good afternoon

Me: Good afternoon

Scammer: I am calling from ********** Police for the ATM card Updating

Me: Okay, Thank you for calling Sir, What I am supposed to do Sir

Scammer: Kindly provide ATM card number in order to update in the system

Me: Which ATM card number I have to provide

Scammer: All the ATM card numbers

Me: Sir, My Bank has informed me no one would call for verification and for collecting details.

Scammer: See, we are calling from ************ police, if you are not providing the details, card will be blocked and you cannot use it.

 Me: oh I see, Sir please stay online I shall connect my banker and if he is says to proceed I shall provide for the same …

Scammer: Call Disconnected.

It’s that simple for them! 

You get a phone call. The message center ID displays the caller from police department. So, you take up the call and listen cautiously. With the presence of mind, and smart handling tactics, a major theft was avoided. But it may not always be the case.

With an excuse to update your ATM card, they can easily rob you off your money. 


You must know that police department and the federal government, never call people.

You must be wondering – “But what about the message centre ID?” 

Well, what seems like reliable information about the source of call isn’t so reliable anymore. Scammers can rig caller ID to look like they’re calling from the official authorities, or, actually, from anywhere – even your own number. Don’t rely on caller ID. It’s not foolproof. Scammers can easily spoof it to gain your trust. 

How you may avoid the scam?

Never share your confidential credentials with anyone. Whenever in suspicion, call Emergency numbers for immediate assistance. All banks are giving out declarations that no one would ever call for enquiring bank details or card numbers. If still in doubt, ask the caller for a callback after 30 minutes citing any excuse and use that time to verify the legitimacy of the caller. Share the incidents with your friends and folks to spread awareness. Always report the scam to adequate authorities for relevant disciplinary action. Don’t forget to report block the number to avoid recurrence. 

Sadly, with increased digitization, such scams have become very common. Do not fall prey to such scams, or you will have to repent forever. It takes a lifetime of hard work, combined with labor and determination to make money for a livelihood. One stupid step can snatch away all of that in a jiffy. 

Stay Smart !! Stay Alert !! Stay Safe !!

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