How to make organic pesticides.

organic pesticides

Organic pesticides:-

Organic pesticides improve soil condition which is useful for farmers as well as it will increase the nutrient values in the foods.

Pest infestation is a problem faced by many vegetable growers. Organic pesticides are the best way to prevent this. Let’s look at the manufacture of different types of bio-pesticides.

How to make organic pesticides.

1.Neem oil emulsion.

In a liter of neem oil add 50 g of bar soap solution dissolved in half a liter of water and mix well. This mixture can be dilute with 15 liters of water.

2.Tobacco tincture.

Finely chop 500 g of tobacco and soak in 4.5 liters of water for 24 hours. In another bowl, take half a liter of water, boil 100 g of bar soap and mix well.Pour this soap solution into filtered tobacco water.Mix the solution well. Dilute 7 times with water and spray on vegetable crops.

3.Kantari chilli mixture.

kantari chilly

Finely grind a handful of Kantari chillies, add it to a liter of water, stir and strain it.
Add 50 g of bar soap and mix well. A liter of cow urine can be added with this . This mixture can be diluted in 10 liters of water and used to control soft-bodied pests.

4.Neem oil – Garlic mixture.

Neem oil-garlic mixture

200 ml of neem oil, 200 g of garlic and 50 g of bar soap are required to prepare a 10 liter mixture of 2% strength. Dissolve the soap in half a liter of water.
Finely chop the garlic, mix it with 300 ml of water, strain it and pour it into the neem oil. These can be mixed well, diluted with 9 liters of water and sprayed on the plants.

5.Kiriath mixture.

Crush the leaves and stalks of Kiriat and squeeze the juice.Mix 50 g of bar soap in half a liter of water with soap solution and a handful of crushed garlic juice.

6.Neem seed extract.

Dip 50 g neem seeds in a cloth and soak in a liter of water for 12 hours.Neem seeds can often be squeezed in the same water to make neem seed extract. It can be diluted and sprayed.

7. Salt Spray-best organic pesticide.

One of the best pesticide to make at home is salt spray. it helps to deter pests and increases nutrition absorption.

you can add some salt into water and stir it well.Add this solution into a spray bottle and sprikle directly on the plants.

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