Hydroponics is the cultivation method of the future.

Hydroponics farming dispels the notion that plant growth is impossible without soil. In this method of cultivation all the nutrients required for the plants should be available.

The principle of this method is that if the plants get the right amount of nutrients, the plants will grow healthier than they grow in the soil.


History of Hydroponics

History has it that in ancient Babylon, plants grown using this technology. Hydroponics is of paramount importance to agriculture in these times of climate change.

Hydroponic cultivation

All the elements required for plants need to be provided through hydroponics cultivation. It can cultivate at home and in greenhouses. But only that it must be precisely designed.


Advantage of hydroponics

The advantage of this technology is that the water, sunlight, air and nutrients required for the plants can predetermine and quantify accurately. At home we can try this on plastic bottles and pipes.

There is no doubt that good yields can achieve by giving all the elements to the plants in the right proportions. Adjusting water and light can delay or delay crop maturation.

The latest breakthrough in the field is that all of this can be fully controlled through automation and robotics technology.

The difference between hydroponics is that any type of crop can be grown at any time if grown in greenhouses.

Hydroponics -type of vertical cultivation.

It is also a method of vertical cultivation in which crops grow in multiple layers to overcome space constraints.

Crops can grow vertically upwards in layers of more than five. Growing fish in the lowest tier of this can turn it into vertical aquaponics.

This method of cultivation is organical without using chemical fertilizers. Gravel, perlite, vermiculite and coir pith can use to strengthen the roots of plants.


Freshwater fish can rear in the lower tier. Azolla on the second layer above the water. In the third layer, vermicompost can use to make vermicompost. Any type of crop can cultivate in the fourth layer.

Of these, the main fertilizer is fish excrement.In addition, vermicompost will reach the water as organic manure.
Not only vegetables but also wheat, paddy, flowers, fruits and so on can be grown. The drip method of mixing nutrients after filling the gravel in the grobags can also be tested at home.

Dick system

Dick system is another method that can easily designed and used. This technology is increasingly use nowadays on a commercial basis.
In this way the water used for irrigation can reuse instead of draining the water after dipping the roots of the plants. The advantage of this technology is that it increases the air flow between the roots.

Hydroponics technology is also being used in India. Hydroponics is also a hope for the future when farms are destroyed due to climate change.

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