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Douglas Emhoff

US News : Kamala Harris’ inauguration as Vice President is a milestone in the history of US elections. She is the first woman to reach the rank and is of black descent. Kamala Harris introduces’ her husband after her election victory. This is the first time Kamala has brought her partner into the public eye during this period. “Meet the love of my life,” said Douglas Emhoff, who shared the photo on Twitter.

But Americans are a little confused when Kamala Harris takes over as vice president; What to address her husband.

Kamala Harris’ Family

The president’s wife has long been described as the First Lady, and the Vice President’s partner as the Second Lady. But what do you call a first-time woman? This confusion is also evident below Kamala’s tweet introducing her partner.

Some people call it the ‘Second Gentle Man’. But some say it could be ‘Second Husband’.

Kamala Harris and Douglas Emhoff are getting married in 2014. This was Kamala’s first and Douglas’ second marriage. They are both black and white couples who hold high positions in the US. Kamala Harris is the daughter of an Indian-Jamaican immigrant. Douglas Emhoff is of Jewish descent.

Kamala Harris Husband – Douglas Emhoff

Douglas Emhoff is seen as a secret weapon in Kamala Harris’ election campaign.

He is an expert lawyer. He specializes in legal fields related to media, sports, and entertainment. Douglas Emhoff work was associated with DLR Piper, a Washington – based international law firm.

But he has been on leave since August.

Douglas Emhoff marks another milestone in US history. He is the first Jew of the ruling family in the United States. His friends describe him as a man who deeply studied and followed Judaism.

Douglas Emhoff was born in Brooklyn. Later to New Jersey. During high school, his father moved the family to Los Angeles. Douglas Mhoff, a law graduate of the University of Southern California, joined the DLA Piper after working at various law firms. She has two children from her first marriage. Beyond all this, Douglas Emhoff is as interested in golf as Donald Trump.

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