Keep these tips in mind when filling GROW BAGS

grow bag

Grow bags:-

Many people now grow in grow bags. But many people say that the plants and vegetables planted in the grow bag wither or the yield is low.

Growbags are the star of this era as farms have shifted from fields and fields to terraces and small backyards.

The main reason for this to happen is that there are some things that go unnoticed when filling the grow bag.

Keep these tips in mind when filling Grow bags.

grow bag

The first thing to do is to soak the newly purchased grow bags in water for a while and then fill the planting mix.

This is because when new bags are made, the chemicals trapped in them can damage the plant.

Similarly, after deciding on the vegetables to be planted, the mixture should be prepared accordingly.

10 vegetable plants you can plant in grow bags.

Another thing is do not immediately fill the grow bag with plowed soil. Good red soil is ideal for planting. This soil should be removed with stones and honeycombs. The most important thing is to mix 5 g of lime per grow bag in the soil.

If cultivated for two consecutive seasons, the soil in Growbag should be changed.

Lime is added to control water borne diseases and other soil damage. Rotten disease is especially prevalent in vegetables such as tomatoes. Doing so will not cause any problems.

Similarly, manure, vermicompost, coir pith and other fertilizers should be mixed with the soil and kept in the sun for 5-7 days. Stir every day.

Only about three-quarters of the grow bag can be filled with planting mixture. Seedlings can be planted in the grow bag prepared in this way.

Success in Grow bag vegetable cultivation:-

It is assured if fertilizers are applied to each crop at the required time and in the required manner by completely eliminating the pesticides.

Productivity varies for each variety and therefore yield can be increased through balanced application of fertilizers.

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