ME(i)SSING HAPPINESS : Let’s Fix our Priorities!


We have become so comfortable in our cushioned world. Online shopping, food delivery at doorstep, dating over a right swipe – everything has become so easy. Being the dynamic young independent individuals, we are “successful” in our own definitions, way more than what our ancestors could imagine. Yet, deep inside our hearts, we feel miserable… Ever wondered why?


We are stressed for imperfect jobs, unhappy for imperfect partners, insecure for imperfect bodies. Our parameters of “success” being a swanky car, a posh house, gym memberships, international vacations, count of likes on social media platforms – the pressure to achieve is real! So is the fear of failure. And our coping mechanisms – we cry ourselves to sleep, we drink to forget our issues, we fight to seek attention, we crave for peace. There exists a compulsion to achieve – we need to have fun, we need to document that fun on social media, we need to flaunt to our circle of ‘friends’ that we are happy. The approval from ‘others’ has become an assurance to everything going well in our lives.

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Don’t you agree – well look around in your life, this mess is omnipresent.

It’s there when we sleep late, wake up late and miss breakfast, rushing to catch the bus for work; or when a colleague gets promoted while own increment is due; or when we see our friend holidaying in Europe; even when we find a grey hair in the mirror or the dark circles under the eyes or the wrinkles coming up. It’s there when we are unable to find an entertaining series for time pass; it’s there when the latest post did not attract sufficient likes and comments. Instead of thanking God for a beautiful day, the last things we see to sleep at night is our phone screen – scrolling aimlessly over the timeline, in search of something funny or fascinating. The pressure to live constantly boggles our minds. We kept toiling ourselves so hard, that we forgot to be happy for our life.

We are so obsessed at taking pictures from a perfect angle, that we forget to live in that moment.

Well – still not convinced ? LOL !!

Answer to yourself – when was the last time that you felt the breath – when did you sit in your balcony, not thinking anything but just enjoying that moment – no mental notes on the shopping list, no worry about the approaching deadline for assignment – no concern for the colleague avoiding you – just you existing in that very moment truly.

If the answer to any of these questions is bothering you, just take it easy – it is not too late! We are all simple, ordinary folks, struggling to balance life. We have got a good control of our lives, family and friends to share our living, jobs to afford our survival. The spirit to celebrate is all we need.

 Mindfulness is an art – that comes with practice. Let’s start today!

We are not happy – simply because we are too harsh on ourselves. Trust me, survival in this era itself is a success – but we never pat ourselves for doing a good job. Rather, we keep on stretching our own limits, pushing harder – physically, socially and emotionally. Stop pressurizing yourselves till the mind starts breaking down. Its high-time that put a pause to this race. Let’s tell ourselves to relax; to be happy not being perfect; to be at peace with our inner conscience.

Life is short, and time once gone is never going to come back. Make the most of it. Let’s feel good for ourselves, set our priorities clear and be happy. Don’t compete with the world around – you would fail.

Competition has to be replaced by celebration – be a better version of yourself. Make efforts to live the moment, before it becomes a memory.

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