New or expecting Mums can they spread COVID-19 to their babies?

Expecting Mums can they spread COVID-19

New or expecting Mums can they spread COVID-19 to their babies ?

Below are certain guidelines to follow during pandemic for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.
So far the studies states that:

To date, Viruses not found in breastmilk or amniotic fluid so can’t pass the virus to fetus.
Infected person/mother can pass virus to newborns and babies (so to be clear not when the baby is inside).

So can the mother breastfeed their babies if they have COVID-19 symptoms or if they are positive??

Mother’s milk as always is the best which has numerous nutrients essential for the baby and a lot of antibodies which protects the baby from a number of diseases.
Consult with your doctor and decide which is better direct breast feeding express and give to postpone if necessary.

Suppose you have symptoms and you decide to breastfeed then what should you do and keep in mind?

Wash your hands well with soap approx 1-2 minutes before breast feeding.
Wear a proper face mask preferably not cloth mask(as it has no protection against viruses)
Wash or wipe your breast before and after breastfeeding thoroughly.

What about using a pump for giving expressed milk then what should you keep in mind?

You should have your own pump.
Wash hands well before you express milk.
Sterilize the pump before and after use.

There is no higher risk of getting COVID-19 infection in pregnant women, but due to changes in their immune systems, bodies and hormones it is known that they can be affected badly by some respiratory tract infections.

New or expecting Mums can they spread COVID-19 to their babies ?

Tips for working pregnant women :

Inform concerned person at your workplace that you are pregnant and you would like to work at home if possible.
Tips for working pregnant women

Stay away from people who show the slightest symptoms of flu respiratory diseases (which include family).
Always contact your doctor and keep regular follow up appointments. If you feel you’re symptomatic for COVID-19 immediately consult a specialized doctor.

Tips for working pregnant women :

Do not feel lonely or anxious during this pandemic keep talking often to your loved ones, friends and family about it. We can do this if we are together.

Avoid going to public places/ gathering /supermarkets until this pandemic passes (even after delivery you might contract it and pass it on to your baby so please stay home).

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