US Election Results 2020: Bye Trump, it’s Biden finally

US Election

US Election Results 2020 Live Updates: The delay in the counting process is a consequence of the unprecedented number of people who voted early through mail-in-ballots due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

WASHINGTON: Democratic candidate Joe Biden has virtually clinched the US Presidential election after jumping into the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia, taking him past the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House once the results are certified. 
President Donald Trump is refusing to concede defeat, insisting Democrats are stealing the election and raging. He will take the matter to the Supreme Court amid petitions for recount in several states. But barring a judicial intervention that the apex court seems reluctant to get into, it is all over bar the shouting.

5 Reasons Why Trump Lost

  • Offended women, especially in suburban areas.
  • Mishandled the pandemic, which has so far claimed 235,000 lives in the US.
  • Stoked racist fires, which sparked the Black LivesMatter movement.
  • Denial of climate change lost him many young voters.
  • His Daily torrent of baseless, fact-free claims, including about election fraud.

The US establishment appears to have accepted the verdict of the people despite Trump’s reservations on the score. With the Secret Service enhancing security for Biden and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) placing flight restrictions over his home in Delaware.

Some wrinkles remain. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brand Raffensperger, a Republican , said Friday morning the state would have a recount because of the slim margin – a Biden lead of about 1,500 votes. Georgia law allows a recount if the margin of victory/loss is less than 0.5%.

5 Reasons Why Biden Won

  • His promise to return to more decent politics
  • Changing demographics, with White vote share dipping
  • Seen as more trustworthy, sensitive, and science-driven
  • Support of women for Democrats, especially within the Black community
  • The hope that he’ll restore US’s standing in the world, particularly its allies in Europe
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