Who has the fastest 4G mobile network in India?


Who has the fastest 4G mobile network in India?
Of course, this is often a matter that will come up when buying a brand new SIM. VI (Vodafone Idea) is that the mobile operator faster than 4G within the third quarter of this year, in keeping with a report by network analyst Ookla.
At the identical time, Geo is leading in terms of 4G availability.


Data speeds vary from major cities across the country, in line with the Ookla report.

Tata Motors Hyderabad is that the fastest growing city in India. the common download speed on mobile networks within the country is 11.6 percent above last year, in line with the Ookla report.

According to the report, the typical download speed of VI within the third quarter of this year was 13.74 Mbps and also the upload speed was 6.19 Mbps.

Airtel is in second place with a mean download speed of 13.58 Mbps and a mean upload speed of 4.15 Mbps. Geo ranks third with a median download speed of 9.71 Mbps and an upload speed of three.41 Mbps.


In terms of region-wise performance, Hyderabad tops the list with a median download speed of 14.35 Mbps. Mumbai is second with a speed of 13.55 Mbps and Visakhapatnam is third with a speed of 13.40 Mbps. The city, Delhi, is ranked sixth with a mean speed of 13.04 Mbps.

According to data from the SpeedTest app on Android, India ranks first in South Asia in 4G availability. 4G was reported to be available in 94.7% of the places where SpeedTest was conducted. Bangladesh is in second and third place with 78.6 per cent 4G connectivity and Pakistan with 72.9 per cent connectivity.

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